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Student Perspectives

Read what our past students have to say about their experiences in The Artist Way Asheville 12 Week Course.

Tiziana Severse: Rediscovered the Love and Joy of Art

Two albums and one broken up band into my...

Nate Meltzer: Learned how to Access his Artistic Muse

The Artist’s Way was a transformational...

Jim Biddle: More Present, Accepting, Heartfelt, and Joyous

Are you ready to embrace life fully? The...

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artistswayThe Artist Way Mini-Course

Led by Anna Ferguson at Still Point Wellness
$120 per person
Thursdays, 6-7:30 p.m. 6 Sessions
October 16 – November 20
Limit 10 people

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The Artist’s Way was written by Julia Cameron based on her own creative recovery and her experience in helping other blocked artists discover the joy of creativity. For over 20 years people have been using Julia’s proven methods to excavate the habits, ideas, and thought patterns that keep them blocked and create new ones that support self-expression, joy, and fun.

The course is based on the premise that each one of us is creative by nature. As Julia says:
We are all creative. Creativity is a natural life force that all can experience in one form or another. Just as blood is part of our physical body and is nothing we must invent, creativity is part of us and we each can tap into the greater creative energies of the universe and pull from that vast, powerful spiritual wellspring to amplify our own individual creativity.

Our course follows the spirit of Julia’s work faithfully. Our purpose is to provide support and guidance through the 6 week commitment as well as add the essential element of in-person community that Julia emphasizes in her notes. In addition, we incorporate hands on projects, gentle movement breaks, and weekly reminder emails.

More questions? Want to sign up? Email or call 828-348-5372

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Another Haiku

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Our Life Is a Work of Art–Thich Nhat Hanh

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Pope McElvy: The Artist’s Way workshop changed my life.

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August 27, 2010 |

Endings and Beginnings

This is the first time that we have ended a session and started another one the next week. It is bittersweet to...

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