About Us

The Artist’s Way Asheville is a cooperative of Artist’s Way Facilitators created to support each other and coordinate offerings of workshops based on The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

Anna Ferguson

Anna creates to live and lives to create. A mural artist, writer, photographer and yoga teacher, she lives to create new energy in different forms in every day life. She loves the Artist’s Way for the creative openings it provides for her, with each new revelation bringing her closer and closer to the knowledge of her true self and opening her to a sense of play and joy in her daily life. Anna has been teaching yoga and meditation since 2006, and has been a creative facilitator/teacher in other avenues such as writing, fitness and art for 21 years. She has been facilitating the Artist’s Way since 2010 and loves helping another people find their true and authentic selves. http://VibrantHeartYoga.com

Mado Hesselink

Since she was a child, Mado has always felt most alive when engaging in a creative act. Her art forms have included jewelry, theater, painting, yoga, and dance. When she became a parent, much of her creative energy went into parenting. She credits the Artist’s Way course with reminding her to keep her creativity alive and feed her artist child no matter what else is going on in her life. Mado has been working with the Artist’s way tools since 1998 and facilitating groups since 2010. http://www.trueselfyoga.com

James Navé

James Navé is a writer, a speaker, pioneer in the spoken word movement, and  creativity facilitator. He has been facilitating Artist’s Way Creativity workshops since 1995 when he and Julia Cameron launched The Artist’s Way Creativity Camp in Taos, NM. Navé has taught 50 plus Artist’s Way courses including camps, weekends, and extended courses, both 6 and 12 weeks long. He is on the faculty of the New York Open Center where he facilitates Artist’s Way and writing workshops that concentrate on poetry and storytelling.

Navé has memorized over 400 poems and holds an MFA in poetry from Vermont College. His work has been published in The North Carolina Literary Review, the Asheville Literary Review, Summit Magazine, the Taos News, Chokecherries, Heartstone Journal, The Dirty Goat, River Oak Review, Schuylkill Valley Journal of the Arts, Willard and Maple, Red Wheelbarrow, Phoebe, Tightrope, Griffin, South Carolina Review and Poetry Slam Redux.