Endings and Beginnings

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Endings and Beginnings

This is the first time that we have ended a session and started another one the next week. It is bittersweet to conclude each session; so proud of the progress you all have made and yet sad that we won’t get to see each other as often. Our last meeting on Monday was followed by cake and peanuts provided by the effervescent E-Claire Hudson complete with thank you cards for each and every member of the group. How incredibly lovely (and incredibly Southern).

At the same time I am in a flurry of registering new people, answering questions, keeping records. I notice that I am having to do less explaining of what our classes are all about. More people are simply registering without comment, and I attribute much of that to all the content we have added to this website.

Tomorrow we will have a celebration to mark the transition of our current group from a facilitated format to an independent creative cluster.

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