How do you find creative identity?

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How do you find creative identity?

My father was an Appalachian fiddler who also played guitar, mandolin, accordion, and piano. As a boy growing up in Western North Carolina, he taught me how to play the guitar. As soon as I learned enough cords to play rhythm, he started taking me to the old time music circles that gathered almost every night somewhere in Buncombe county.

The musicians came from all walks of life, tobacco farmers, nurses, lawyers, mechanics, truck drivers, plumbers. If you asked any one of them what they did, they would say, “I play music.” Because they loved playing music, the question of their creativity identities never came up.

Playing music was second nature. It never occurred to any of them to think they weren’t musicians. They threw themselves into the old songs like, Sweet Georgia Brown, Bill Bailey, Old Joe Clarke, Cripple Creek, Down Yonder, Tennessee Waltz, Lonesome Road Blues, and Alabama Jubilee.

They never worried about playing the songs perfectly. They didn’t think about going pro, nor did they play for money. “Creative Block” was not a term you’d find in their vocabulary. They played music. They did it all the time. They were musicians.

Regardless of the creative form you work in, like the musicians, when you show up and do the work (play if you will) your creative identity will find you more than you will find it.

Best of luck . . .

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