Jenna Lindbo: One of the Best Investments I’ve Ever Made

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Jenna Lindbo: One of the Best Investments I’ve Ever Made

One of the best investments I’ve ever made

I first learned about the Artist’s Way through songwriting workshops, when time and time again people would refer to the infamous morning pages as a powerful tool for unlocking creativity and dismissing the inner critic. Like so many folks, I wound up with a copy of the book on my shelf, where it stayed for a few years, untouched by in large. Every now and again I would attempt to start the course by myself, only making it a few chapters in before abandoning the morning pages and the readings all together. When I heard about the Asheville group starting up in January, my heart leapt! I thought, with the support and accountability created through group process I just might be able to explore the course in its entirety. Indeed, I heard the still small voice saying “yes” and yet was reluctant to sign up because of financial reasons and the time commitment. I’m relieved that come the first day of the class I cast aside “sensibility” and triumphantly thought, I cannot afford not to do this. In retrospect, it’s somewhat frightening to think that I was ever debating it. I can certainly say that it was one of my best decisions in 2010 and by far and away one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

A few weeks into the course I found myself wondering, how on earth have I had this book and never truly tapped into it?!? Within the reading I found true gems that helped me develop a better understanding of myself and illuminated desires and supportive practices to live a more authentic and creative life. Sharing in the experience with a group provided a space to reflect and learn through other people’s experiences as well. While it is very much a solo journey, the collective energy of our community created a sort of momentum that nurtured my development and supported me in taking the baby steps that led to leaps down the pathway of uncovering my dreams.

I’m still amazed by the synchronicity and abundance that I experienced over the course of the 12 weeks, a chain reaction of sweet and subtle goodness that created unimaginable joy, completion of projects, life-altering experiences and unforeseen opportunities. For me the class served as an anchor point in my week, an invaluable time to get grounded, refocus, and prepare for take off. It’s not rocket science. There’s no surefire recipe or secret code. However, the Artist’s Way offers some key ingredients that helped me connect with something much larger than myself. It has truly been a spiritual journey and throughout the course I experienced a deep level of clarity, spaciousness, and possibility. A strange sort of acceleration took place when I created time to write daily, tune in to my desires, and pay attention to what I was experiencing. I’m still amazed by the events that unfolded and what I accomplished in the 12 weeks, a testament to setting a clear intention and the sort of effortlessness that follows with grace and ease. With that said, it’s worthwhile to note that the Artist’s Way is not a breeze either. Some aspects of the course proved to be intense and challenging, however I found great support in the framework of the process and within the community. I appreciate the energy and intention Mado and Anna brought to the group and the space that we created on those afternoons at the yoga studio. In addition to wonderful facilitators, the unique collection of people drawn together to share in this experience contributed greatly to the success of the course.

I’m a believer. I cannot more highly recommend the Artist’s Way, and based on the vastly different backgrounds and experiences of people in the group, it seems like people come to it for different reasons, in their own time, and in divine order. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in the group this winter. It’s hard to imagine how those 3 months would have been had I not signed up, not to mention the rest of my life! I’m already looking forward to doing the Artist’s Way again, both independently and in another facilitated group. I imagine it will be a thread that reaches well into my future ~ like an old friend on the journey, reminding me who I am and where I’m headed, honoring the past and celebrating the daily opportunity we have to tap in, venture boldly, dream, share our passions, and live creatively in a kind of magical collaboration with an infinite source. Truly a gift!

Jenna Lindbo,
Asheville, NC

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