Individual Coaching and Small Groups

WritingIf the dates and times of our scheduled sessions do not work for you, we also offer individual and small group options. All prices (except phone/skype sessions) assume a location central to Asheville, NC. A reasonable fee will be added for longer commutes. These prices also assume that the organizer/group gathers the participants and provides a suitable space for the number of people. We will gladly notify our email list about openings in small group classes to help increase the numbers and decrease the cost per person.

Private Sessions

12 one hour phone/skype sessions $800

Groups of 1-5
$1200 for 12 week 1 hr session assuming no rent (ie we meet in someone’s home)
$2400 for 12 week 2 hr session

Groups of 5-9
$2400 for 12 week 2 hr session

Groups of 10-15
$250/per person

Groups of 15-20
$200/per person

Inquire about per person rates for groups larger than 20.