Nick Andrea: Risky Transpersonal Magic

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Nick Andrea: Risky Transpersonal Magic

483645_10201008647643331_1261234328_nRisky. “The Artist’s Way, yeah, that sounds interesting. I’ve been meaning to take it for some time,” said a painter friend whose studio I yesterday visited as part of my own artistic recovery. “Prepare to get your socks knocked off,” I replied. “You can’t throw yourself into this course without it shaking up your life.” Why? Because to be an artist is to be fully present. To be fully present is to acknowledge the truth. To acknowledge the truth is to leave no stone unturned, my shadow included. In other words, art entails facing my fears.

Sensing this for years, I kept my creativity under wraps, like a small plant, barely watered and kept in a small pot on the far corner of a windowsill. I viewed creativity as something to do “when I had time” in the pursuit of happiness which I defined as, “making sure all the bases were covered.” You know, money, healthcare, and stuff. Through The Artist’s Way, however, I have begun to see that that creativity is not an adjunct to a fulfilling life. It is the foundation of it.

My plant has started growing again, the exercises providing its essential water and nourishment, and at this point it’s threatening to burst open its tiny clay pot and make a mess all over the kitchen of my life. I had better repot it fast, preferably, in the garden outside where it can grow freely. Time will tell if I have done that successfully.

Magic. I had been thinking for some days that I wanted to see my friend’s art studio. She had become the icon of “artist” to me because she works with traditional media, does it out of love, and endures financial insecurity and the judgments of a society that fundamentally doesn’t grok her lifestyle – all in the name of authenticity. So, I was driving to a bodywork appointment, yesterday, in a part of town I rarely frequent – the River Arts Disctrict. I still had about fifteen minutes before my appointment when I felt the urge to drive to the far end of the district. This made little sense to my mind since, as far as I knew, it was just empty warehouses down there. Nonetheless, I did it, coming nearly to the end when I encountered someone walking towards a building in the rain. Guess who it was? Yeah. That’s when I made the arrangements to see her studio after my appointment.

Transpersonal. This path isn’t personal. It’s transpersonal. It beckons us towards a deeper intimacy with our true self, which is simultaneously within us and beyond us. It is the daemon of Elizabeth Gilbert, the muse of Mozart, the genius of Einstein, and it runs through us all as intuition. Follow it and we discover that synchronicity is paradigm, that there is an invisible thread tying us all together in the most benevolent ways. So, if you’re ready for this experience I might recommend buying the book. If you’re ready to face your fears, phobias, and ultimately, your freedom, then I urge you to take this course. If you’re ready to make authenticity the centerpiece of your life, go sign up now. It starts working on you the moment you make the commitment.

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