Pope McElvy: The Artist’s Way workshop changed my life.

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Pope McElvy: The Artist’s Way workshop changed my life.

The Artist’s Way workshop has literally changed my life. In my youth I was an artist with my paintings hanging in many homes and I was a musician who played my own compositions for audiences, small and large. While living in Germany in the late 60’s, I performed my songs on national German television and Ed Ames, of the Ames Brothers, (if you know who they are, you are probably old, too) performed one of my songs on national German radio. In short, I loved to perform and share my music. This continued well into the 70’s, but somewhere along the way, I lost my enthusiasm for performing and slowly my creative juices atrophied to the point where I avoided any situation where I might be asked to play and sing.

That was before the Artist’s Way workshop, but now I am fully engaged in sharing my God-given talents. I credit the inner work that is so much a part of the Artist’s Way program for my new direction at the ripe old age of 67. I feel that we all have our own unique talents and that we have a responsibility to share them with others. I know that I am a channel for the creative force of Father, Mother God, as we all are, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my gifts.

The Artist’s Way program challenges us to release the creative force within us and to express ourselves fully without fear or reservation. I am so grateful for this program and for the wonderful facilitators, Mado and Anna, who so beautifully opened a loving and sensitive space for my growth as a creative being.

I could not be more enthusiastic about The Artist’s Way workshop for anyone who is ready to discover and activate their creativity. We are creative beings at our core and our greatest joy comes from aligning with that aspect of ourselves. From that alignment and that connection we can create anything.

Pope McElvy
Asheville, NC

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