What has the Artist’s Way given me?

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What has the Artist’s Way given me?

Recently, Mado and I were considering what the Artist’s Way has given us over the years. This was a great exercise for me, as the more I thought about it, the more I was amazed at how much I have learned and grown from this process.

The first thing I thought of was it has given me the space to hear the creative voice. The tool of the morning pages has been a phenomenal aid in clearing out the static of old thoughts and habits that were holding me back from being creative.

Next, it’s given me huge enthusiasm for the process of creativity. I can play now. I play often, and most importantly, I love to play creatively! Play is such an important aspect of creativity – it defeats the problem of perfectionism and lightens up our whole being!

I am also receptive to being successful. Before this process, there were parts of myself working against me being totally successful. Lack of self-confidence in my talents and my creativity were the source of this problem. The Artist’s Way removed those false ideas and gave me the foundation to move forward with a smile and ability to meet challenges with anticipation and enthusiasm, not fear and self-doubt.

It’s also had a great effect on my relationships, both personal and professional. I am calmer, happier, clearer, focused and centered (note: I am still human, so not all the time!). I am more able to admit my problems and then solve them!

I also have a higher degree of skill in living in a world of compassion and kindness for myself and others.

Lastly, I have gained the knowledge and skill to call myself a writer! I have found a love and lots of joy in writing that I have never had in my whole life. I can now say I am a writer by heart and that makes me smile, inside and out.

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